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RadSys3D is a division of RadSys Pooshesh Co., which is an expert company in the field of UV-curing technology in different industries. RadSys3D undertakes the mission of developing photopolymer resins for different 3D printers.
3D printing is a fast evolving technology and photopolymerizable materials, since the appearance of the first 3D printers, play a very important role in this technology. These materials are designed to be used in vat polymerization, binder jetting and material jetting technologies. At present RadSys3D products cover different techniques in vat polymerization technology and specifically focus on Digital Light Processing (DLP). We supply a range of photopolymer resins for bottom-up and top-down projection printers and also LCD printers. These photopolymers can be sub-divided into direct-casting, lost wax  and rapid prototyping resins. We supply our materials at an affordable price.
We at RadSys3D are hardly working on developing new materials for 3D printers, based on other concepts, too.